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How to log in to your Avon account for Avon reps

Trying to figure out how to log in to your Avon account for reps? It’s easy once you know where to go! Below you will for step-by-step instructions to help guide you through signing into the Avon website.

Step #1


First, open your browser and navigate to the area where you enter a URL. Type in ““, and then press enter. This will redirect you to the Avon homepage.

Screenshot showing what is described in step 1, paragraph 1 of the how-to

Click on the “sign in” button in the top right corner of the screen. This will open up a small box where you can log in. If this is your first time logging into the new website that Avon updated in December of 2021, make sure to watch this webinar to get more information on setting up your new account.

Screenshot showing what is described in step 1, paragraph 2 of the how-to

Step #2


In the first empty spot, enter your Avon account number or email address. Then, click the “Continue” Button.

Screenshot showing what is described in step 1 of the how-to

If you’re not sure of your account number, you can find it listed in the official welcome email that you received from Avon.

Step #3


In the next empty spot, enter your password. 

Screenshot showing what is described in step 1 of the how-to

Step #4


Once you’ve entered everything, click the black “sign in” button.

And that’s it! You’ve just learned how to log in to your Avon account for Avon reps.

If you need more help, make sure to check out the other tutorials on the blog. If you don’t see your question answered yet, feel free to ask in the comments below!


    • Emmeline

      Hi Maria,

      Probably the fastest way is to reach out to your upline/mentor. Leaders have access to their team members’ account numbers, and she or he can easily look this up for you. If for some reason they don’t respond, you will need to reach out to customer service and have them help you.

  1. Tammy Pulley

    I’ve totally just had a brain fart & forgot my account number & password. I had it stored but since my website & Avon’s have been updated I haven’t been able to retrieve it, also all my things are packed for moving so I don’t have my original paperwork. Could you please help me get my account number & password.

    • Emmeline

      Hi Tammy,

      As a rep, I can’t personally do that for you. I recommend reaching out to customer service if you need to retrieve your info. You upline/mentor would be able to tell you your account number, but not your password.

    • Emmeline

      Hi Tami,

      The security call helps Avon make sure that you have access to the phone number of the account owner. This is how they verify that you are you, and not a random person trying to gain access to your account. A person trying to hack you wouldn’t be able to answer the call.

      You will only need to do this once with each new device, until/unless you eventually clear the device’s cookies and browsing history.

  2. Carolyn

    I have recently changed my phone number and the old number is the one that the security code is being sent so I can’t log on.
    How can I get the number changed to my other phone number?

    • Emmeline

      Hi Carolyn,

      Unfortunately you can’t override that yourself, but customer service should be able to help you verify some other way or perhaps change the number for you. I recommend contacting them directly.

    • Emmeline

      Hi Sharon,

      Yes. Underneath the black “sign in” button there is a gray hyperlink that says “forgot password?”. Click on this, and then follow the prompts to reset your password.


    I can not log in, the phone call came through but I still cant. I can get in on my husbands phone, but not my laptop, Please help

    • Emmeline

      Hi Eloise,

      If you’ve having technical glitches, you’ll have to contact Avon’s customer service directly. Avon is still working out all the kinks in the new system.

  4. Connie Stanley Stanley

    I have and they insist they have sent the code to my email, but I never get it. But am able to get a email from Customer Care Diego R.

    • Emmeline

      Hi Connie,

      I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble! Unfortunately technical glitches like that must be solved by Avon, as a rep there’s nothing really I can do for you. Did you check your spam folder already? The code does come from a different email address than rep support.

      Right now, they are super backlogged because of the new website. I would just keep trying until either an agent is able to help you verify, or the glitch just fixes itself.

  5. Rebecca Barz

    ok now HOW CAN I PLACE AN ORDER? I cant seem to find out how to enter product numbers to order. also the old app on my phone dont work anymore.
    ai was able to make a payment, but i want to place an order!!

  6. Rachelle Chairez

    I am having trouble logging because I have not used this website in over a year. It’s telling me to use the new website but I did not receive an email about the change How can I go about this?

  7. Darlene Polasek

    I have been an Avon representative for over 25 years and in August 2022 placed an order but I can not get logged in to place my September order! I called customer service but she was no help whatsoever! I hate to tell mt customers your system is not allowing me to place orders!

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